Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow Feathering $850 

Eyebrow Microblading (Manual & Digital) $950

Ombre Shading   $900

Retouch 1-3 Months $150

What is manual eyebrow microblading? 

Manual microblading is a process involving tiny, fine-point needles  that make up a small disposable blade and handle to deposit pigment simultaneously under your skin. It is a semi-permanent tattoo technique creating beautiful fuller looking eyebrows.  

The result? Realistic-looking brow hairs that don't wash off!

Will it look natural?

Yes, the look of eyebrow microblading is no longer like the typical 90`ies tattoo. You will get a very natural look from us! 

We will do a free full consultation for you to discuss with you the best natural shape for your eyebrows and draw them on first.  

How long does it last?

It will last up to 2 years. If you need a touch up in between you can come to our beauty salon and we will do it for you. 

What is digital eyebrow microblading?

Digital Hair Stroke Brows are created with a cosmetic tattooing machine using a tiny needle which injects pigment into the skin.  The pigment is implanted much closer to the surface of the skin than in a traditional tattooing, also the pigment used in cosmetic tattooing is totally different to those used in body tattooing.

Our beautician can still create natural hair strokes with digital technique using tiny 1 point needles or Nano needles, but she can also add depth and strength easily

Results can vary from dramatic looks, mimicking the look of makeup or individual hair strokes for a subtler more natural look.

Digital hair stroke eyebrows tend to retain pigment, so they last longer in the skin than the manual microblading, after the initial treatment and 6 weeks top up we would recommend a colour boost at around 9-12 months.