Fibrolift Skin Tightening

Upper Eyelid $600-800

Lower Eyelid $500-$700

Eyebrow Lift $500-$700

Crows Feet $400-$600

Neck Lift $700-$900

Nasolabial $400-600$

Full Lip Area $700 - 800


FIBROLIFT effectively tightens specific areas of the skin. It mainly reduces wrinkles, fine lines and bags (for example under the lower eyes). It works by producing a plasma flash that shrinks the surface area of the skin around it. It is also able to remove skin tags, freckles in treating scars and stretch marks. 


🤩 eyelid lifting (blepharoplasty)
🤩 reduction of crows feet
🤩 reduction of  forehead wrinkles
🤩 reduction of upper lip creases
🤩 reduction of nasolabial folds (the crease from the nostril to the corner of the mouth)
🤩 reduction of under eye bags
🤩 reduction of pore reduction
🤩 reduction of skin tag removal
🤩 spot removal
🤩 treatment of appearance of scars
🤩 reduction of excess stomach skin (after pregnancy or weight loss)
🤩 reduction of upper arm skin
🤩 tighten neck skin (jowl line)